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3 post-election trauma remedies

Many of us are left feeling shocked, heart-broken, and worried after this long national election has come to its long-awaited, yet still shocking, conclusion. While the Democratic loss may galvanize the left to take action, first we need to move through the grief process. If you are feeling stuck in any of the stages, homeopathy can help.

Three homeopathic remedies for treating election trauma, stress and grief:

Arnica. This is a familiar remedy for many. Arnica grows in rocky, hilly areas and is a good remedy for falls and the resulting bumps and bruises. Arnica is also good if you are feeling mentally bumped and bruised. If you feel you’ve just been hit by a bus – and this feeling lasts – try Arnica.

Aconite. Aconite is a classic shock remedy. It can be useful after a car accident, or as an addition to your earthquake kit. If you are still in a shock over the election results, try Aconite.

Ignatia. Ignatia is a common remedy for treating grief. If sadness, grief and overwhelm is your primary state at the moment, particularly if you find yourself sighing frequently, try Ignatia.

Look for each of the remedies in a 30c or 200c potency. Take 2-3 tablets. , Repeat every couple of hours until you feel yourself shifting energetic states or beginning to move through a healing process. And, as always, if you need more individualized suggestions, consult me or another professional homeopath.

I’m available for free 15-minute phone appointments to discuss your case and whether a full homeopathic consultation can help you.

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