About me...

I have always had an appreciation for the healing powers of homeopathy. But several years ago, after seeing a homeopath for my allergies, that appreciation deepened. I decided to become a homeopath myself.

My son was one-year-old and I was feeling ready to go back to work – but I didn't want to return to my previous career. I was feeling stuck. After seeing a homeopath and starting a homeopathic remedy, not only did my blocked sinuses clear, so did my state of mind. I experienced a mental/emotional shift that put me in awe of homeopathy. I wanted to equip myself with the knowledge and experience to share this deep, profound healing with others.

In 2012, I enrolled in a three-year program at the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy. The training provided a solid grounding in the history, theory, and practice of homeopathy, while offering a compassionate and nourishing environment in which to learn.

Now, as a certified classical homeopath, I bring that safe, nurturing atmosphere to my own practice. I listen deeply and respectfully, giving my clients the space they need to feel comfortable speaking freely about their physical and emotional states. During our conversations I quietly ask some questions to help bring out certain information that will give me a more complete picture. Once that happens, the healing journey begins...

2019 update: Continuing my goal of life-long learning and increasing my professional capacity, I have enrolled in a Somatic Psychology training program. 

2020 update: Find me at my therapy practicum site: Center for Somatic Psychotherapy 

Delilah Raybee

CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath)

C Hom (Certificate in Homeopathy)

CEASE Therapist (Specialized training on working with autistic people)

Volunteer homeopath at the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, Oakland, CA 

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ukraine, 2003-05)

MPA (Master's degree in Public Administration)