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Somatic therapy is a journey back to yourself, starting with your body....

Like all therapy, Somatic therapy starts with where you are at. Whether you are someone with a history of inhabiting your body or a high degree of body awareness, or you are someone who is alienated from your body and may not even realize it, Somatic therapy can help you. 

Oftentimes, traumatic events or a lifetime of uncomfortable emotions can disconnect us from our bodies aka ‘dissociated’. Many people, without even knowing it, need guidance to help them learn how to access the body’s wisdom in order to heal emotional wounds. 

In a comfortable, supportive environment we will begin to explore together what happens to your emotional state when you pay attention to your body. When you start to notice your thoughts, emotions, images, and sensations that arise with a sense of curiosity instead of judgment, you learn kinder ways to treat yourself and healthier ways to interact with the world. 

When your body is a resource to you, it’s harder to get swept away by anxious, fearful or angry thoughts or emotions. Somatic therapy can help you transform negative emotions into useful information that you can work with in your daily life. Over time, you can learn to take a breath and respond to challenges while feeling more grounded and connected to yourself and others.

I incorporate multiple somatic modalities and approaches, including EMDR. 

Schedule and fees 

Therapy works best with regular, weekly appointments. As an associate therapist, my fee is $150 per session for individuals and $125 for couples. I also have some sliding scale spots available. If you need a lower fee, we can discuss this in

our initial phone call. 

Delilah Raybee, AMFT #131707
Supervised by Eugene Porter, LMFT #19703 

AMFT (Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 



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