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What is somatic couples therapy? 

Couples seek therapy to work on communication issues, or following an affair, infidelity, or other rupture in your intimate relationship. My work with couples combines the Gottman-method research-based interventions with somatic practices to help you and your partner be present in the moment, shift from conflict towards repair and understanding, and find movement towards growth. 


Maybe your fights seem to come out of nowhere, or go around in circles and never feel resolved. Maybe you and your partner have been together for some time but have lost that early feeling of connection and spark. You are likely looking for relief from the conflict, better communication tools, and a desire for more connection with your partner. Somatic therapy is an alternative to talk therapy that gets you out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body. In the safety of the therapy space, you can co-create a new vision for a healthier relationship. 


Following an affair, infidelity, or other rupture to your former intimacy, you and your partner may be wondering what to do now. A difficult disclosure brings pain, sadness and anger. It can also be a relief from wondering and question marks. In the aftermath of a rupture, with support of therapy and other resources, you can rebuild a new relationship based on honesty, transparency, and an updated understanding of your self, your partner, and your relationship. 


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Delilah Raybee, AMFT #131707
Supervised by Eugene Porter, LMFT #19703

AMFT (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 



Schedule and fees 

Therapy works best with regular, weekly appointments. As an associate therapist, my fee is $150 per session for individuals and $125 for couples. I also have some sliding scale spots available. If you need a lower fee, we can discuss this in

our initial phone call. 

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