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What is family therapy?

Mar 17, 2023

How can therapy help me?

Do you find intimate relationships heart-achingly challenging? Does finding a great job or career feel really hard for you? Maybe your parents were unavailable or emotionally unstable. Perhaps your family experienced major stressors such as racism, immigration, or financial strain. Or you simply felt that not enough time and attention was given to your emotional and developmental needs as a child. Somatic therapy is a journey back to yourself that will enable you to heal your emotional wounds.

A family system can change when just one person in it makes changes. Perhaps you all agree that you need help or maybe you alone wish to address family conflict and how it impacts you. Although it may feel like nothing will ever change, when you change your response to your family’s behavior patterns, you change your family system. I welcome all family configurations from intimate partners to chosen or blended or extended families, including children.

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