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Should I get a flu shot?

Should I get a flu shot?

Each year as the days begin to shorten and the weather turns colder, a question arises – should I get a flu shot? The answer may depend on various factors. Did I get one last year, did I get sick last year, how am I feeling now? How onerous would it be to be sick for a week or more? Age, profession, geographic location. All are relevant.

Another important question: how effective is the flu shot?

The CDC estimates that the flu shot reduces risk of infection by 50-60% in overall population. In a ten-year study, effectiveness in a given year ranged from 10-60%. (

And, what are the alternatives? It’s not a choice between getting the flu shot and not getting the flu shot. There are many alternatives to staying health through the winter months.

Homeopathic alternatives


A remedy made from duck liver. Can be used as a prophylactic or at very beginning of onset. Not usually effective once full-blown illness has developed.

Available at health food stores, holistic pharmacies, or online from amazon or other sites.


Made each year from the current strains of flu virus. Highly diluted and succussed, like all homeopathic remedies. To be used proactively. Obtain the remedy in the 12c or 30c potency. Take every hour or two following exposure to the virus or after a family member has become ill.

Available online at hahnemannlabs or If you do become ill, consult your homeopath for an individualized remedy to boost your immune system and quickly overcome symptoms.

The CDC recommends against getting a flu shot while you are not feeling well.

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