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Welcome CEASE referrals

If you found me on the CEASE directory or other search for CEASE and autism, welcome! If your child is stimming, is challenged by eye contact, or is slower to develop language, you may be the parent of a neuro-diverse child, autistic child. Or, your child may be experiencing from physical discomfort such as inflammation in the brain or gut that is causing their behaviors. Or, some combination of the above plus other factors. As I’ve learned more about neuro-diversity, I’ve learned first that the use of the term “autism spectrum” is rooted in false beliefs about neurodiversity, and in fact many autistics prefer the term “autistic” as it’s a lifelong feature, not a condition to be cured. That being said, I also have come to believe that some children who are diagnosed with autism may be also, or instead, suffering from inflammatory conditions that can be helped by natural medicine including homeopathy. In short, the goal of working with you is to enhance your child’s health and comfort not to “cure” autism. If the above makes sense to you, or you are curious to learn more, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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