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Homeopathy 101

Upcoming event -

What homeopathy is, what it’s not and the top remedies to have at home.

New year, new office. I’m growing my business by joining Sima space, a co-working space for private practice practitioners. Celebrate the new space and learn about homeopathic basics.

I’ll give an introduction to homeopathy such as using homeopathy at home as an over-the-counter natural alternative for cold and flu treatment, minor injuries and other common ailments. I’ll also cover when to consult a professional – what a constitutional remedy means, what an intake involves, and include plenty of clinical examples.

We’ll start with community building/socializing time and finish with ample time for your questions and answers after my presentation.

At the Sima space Berkeley office at 1918 Bonita Ave. Thursday, March 15 from 7-8:30 pm.

RSVP to get the access code for the front door.

This event will be at the Berkeley office. I can see clients in Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco.

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