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My homeopathic journey part III: Remedies for a lingering cough

As I described in my previous post, Causticum cleared up the burning sensation I felt in my throat every time I got a cold. Hooray! No more burning sore throats! But I still had a problem. The cough. You know the one right? It's dry, it tingles the back of the throat, and it just won't go away.

Even after all my other cold symptoms improved, I still had to deal with that lingering cough. Water, warm tea, and even chewing gum would help to suppress it (even better than cough drops!), but there was only so much warm tea and chewing gum I could take. Thankfully, through homeopathy, I found two remedies for my cough that finally made it go away once and for all.

One, called by its botanical name Rumex crispus by homeopaths, is derived from a plant commonly known as yellow dock or curly dock. The plant grows in northern temperate regions and has been used medicinally in herbal form by herbalists and Native Americans for centuries. The homeopathic form has been in use since 1845. Indications for the remedy include symptoms in the upper and lower respiratory tract and a cough that becomes worse from breathing in, from becoming cold, from talking, and from going from inside to outside, or vice versa.

The second remedy is made from toasted sea sponge and is called Spongia tosta. Imagine breathing through a dry, toasted sponge and you can imagine the type of symptoms that might improve from this remedy. Like Rumex, this remedy has an affinity for the upper and lower respiratory tract and is used to treat symptoms that increase in intensity during cold, dry weather. A dry, barking cough that gets better with warm drinks, and a dryness and tickling in the throat are some of the symptoms that this homeopathic remedy is known to help.

In the past when I experienced a lingering cough I compared notes for these two remedies – Rumex crispus and Spongia – and decided which one fit better to my symptoms at that time. After several times taking the remedies, something extraordinary happened – I stopped developing a lingering cough from a cold. The repeated, acute doses of the remedies decreased my susceptibility to that symptom. Whatever imbalance my body had was healed by exposure to the energy of these two substances. Once again I was amazed by the healing power of homeopathy.

Do you have a history of experiencing the same types of symptoms every time you get a cold? Burning sore throat? Lingering cough? I'd love to help you find a remedy tailored specifically to your constitutional state. Schedule a free 15-minute call with me on this page.

Please note: The stories I share here should not be used to diagnose or treat any condition. Always consult a home remedy guidebook or professional homeopath before taking any homeopathic remedy

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