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Practitioner Package

Help yourself help your clients. Discover homeopathy - a modality with deep healing potential. Homeopathy is a safe, natural, holistic method to strengthen your innate healing potential, or vital force.

Whether you are seeking help with physical or emotional symptoms, or both, homeopathic remedies address the whole person and practitioners do not create a false separation between body and mind. Homeopathy can help address a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. In my clinical training and early practice I have seen a variety of cases including headache, eczema, allergies, anxiety, eyestrain, chronic earache, stuttering, and more. I have experience with both adults and children.

As a way to grow my practice I am always looking for ways to educate others about homeopathy. The best way to learn is first hand experience! This package is designed for helping professions, anyone in a position to refer clients to a homeopath. Try it yourself so you can confidently refer clients who are looking for holistic options.

The practitioner package includes a discounted intake session and complimentary first follow-up visit. Typically, we will meet monthly for 6-12 months, depending on the nature of your health concerns. My rates are $200 for a 2-hour intake and $75 per 1-hour follow-up. With the practitioner package you will pay $100 for your intake and initial follow-up.

Please feel free to share widely with colleagues.

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