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My homeopathic journey part IV: Carcinosin for Migraines

An important part of my process as a homeopath is talking to my patients about their family histories. Learning about diseases their parents, grandparents, and further generations of ancestors may have suffered from gives me a better picture of my patients' overall constitution.

When I spoke to my homeopath about the migraines I started having again, which I had first experienced at the end of college, I shared information with her about my family's history of cancer. I told her how my migraines came with nausea and vomiting, and how I felt a little bit better if I could lay down in a dark room. Based on my family history and current state, my homeopath decided to give me Carcinosin.

Carcinosin is made from breast cancer tissue. It belongs to a class of remedies known as nosodes, which are made from diseased tissues. By preparing the substance with alcohol and repeated dilution, it sheds its toxicity and becomes a powerful homeopathic remedy.

Before I started seeing a homeopath, and became a homeopath myself, I would never think that a treatment made from breast cancer tissue could be beneficial. I quickly realized that going to a homeopath takes the self-healing sentiment to a whole new level. A professional homeopath can offer powerful remedies that are sometimes made from dangerous or even poisonous substances. These sometimes scary-sounding substances can bring about profound healing, which is what I discovered after taking the Cacinosin remedy.

After treatment with Carcinosin, my migraines became less severe and occurred less frequently. After repeating this remedy for a couple years, I rarely suffer from gastric migraines with nausea anymore. And because of my family history of cancer, Carcinosin is a remedy I will likely repeat annually for the rest of my life to perhaps reduce my chances of developing the disease, as well as to help my system balance out from any particular symptoms.

Over the past couple of years, I have recommended Carcinosin to my own clients. Here is one client story. A 39-year-old woman with two children, my client had suffered from both mononucleosis and the flu. These intense infections left her feeling low. Her energy level was minimal, and she suffered from an enlarged liver and spleen. She really wanted to go back to work but barely had enough energy for the one day per week of volunteer work she did at her children's school.

After a thorough evaluation of her constitutional state and family history, I decided that a Carcinosin remedy would be beneficial. Three months after she took the remedy for the first time she reported that her spleen had returned to normal, her liver was greatly improved, and she had more energy during the day, though she still needed to go to bed early.

Five months after the first dose, I suggested she take a second dose. Though her liver was still not at 100 percent, she lost ten pounds. One year later, my client rejoined the work force, taking on a high-energy job in sales.

“I felt a difference after the remedy.,” she said. “An overall 'aah.' I could breathe more easily... settle into calm... I’m able to check things off my list. I’m able to slow down and access more reserves.”

Many of us, particularly those among us who are raising young children, desire more time for ourselves so that we can take care of ourselves in addition to our families, our jobs, our homes... In order to do that, we need to make individual shifts within ourselves.

Carcinosin is one remedy that can help people, often caregivers, find ways to take more time for themselves. But what is this remedy doing to achieve such a powerful result? Carcinosin interacts with the “vital force” of the individual to help realign their balance, so that they can act in their best interest. In a gentle way. Patients who take Carcinosin often feel that this renewed sense of empowerment is their own doing – and it is – it’s simply a dialogue between the person and the remedy.

To find out more about how homeopathy can help you restore your own sense of balance and empowerment, feel free to contact me to set up a free,

. I'd love to help you on your self-healing journey, so that you can be the best you can be.

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